Essay Communication As The Communication Within An Organization

Essay Communication As The Communication Within An Organization

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We often then of organization communication as the communication within an organization including but not limited to sending emails, writing memos, talking on the phone, having meetings, teleconferences, videos conferences, speeches, presentations (Koschmann, 2012). 75% of our day is spent in: Speech, Writing, Reading, Listening, Nonverbal communication and Memory. Verbal Communication is 7% words, 38% tone and 55% all other. But there is more to it organizations literally are communication (Koschmann, 2012).
If we look at an organization like a container and communication flows through that container (Koschmann, 2012). The contents hold the shape of the container while they are inside hence how communicating is shaped by the structure of the organization (Koschmann, 2012). This could relate to the physical shape of the organization like taking the elevator up ten floors to talk to your boss or more a symbolic shape like where you are in the organization hierarchy and how this influences the way you communicate with others within the organization (Koschmann, 2012). In this example communication is something that exists separately from the organization (Koschmann, 2012). Making it “organizational” taking place within separate structures called organizations (Koschmann, 2012). It’s an information view of communication because communication is all about transmitting information throughout the container of the organization (Koschmann, 2012). Ineffective communication or communication breakdowns are seen as technical problems or someone didn’t get the memo (Koschmann, 2012). If organizations don’t communicate the right information to the right people at the right time things fall apart, directions aren’t followed, customers aren...

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...ficult employees, navigating the politics of an organization, or persuading skeptical leaders about a new idea (Koschmann, 2012)? The mere transmission of information isn’t enough to accomplish your goal (Koschmann, 2012). Power, identity, gender, ideology, ethnicity, culture are the round each complexities that require a more refined understanding of communication (Koschmann, 2012).
Organizational communication is communication is organizational not just because it happens within and organization but rather because it coordinates the activities and interpretations of multiple people into an organized recognizable form (Koschmann, 2012). And sustains or alters its form for subsequent collective action (Koschmann, 2012). Organizational communication studies the fundamental social process that create and sustain the dominate structure of our society (Koschmann, 2012).

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