Communication And Teamwork Influences The Quality Health Care Essay

Communication And Teamwork Influences The Quality Health Care Essay

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This assignment aims to define and discuss how communication and teamwork influences the quality health care given to patients by health care practitioners. The essay will look at each of these factors separately but also discusses how they influence each other and the positive and negative impact they have on the patients’ quality of care.
Communication is one of the foundation stones of clinical governance to ensure HCPs deliver a quality health service it is also one of the 6Cs recently introduced by the NHS referring to Compassion, Care, Communication, Confidence, Competence and Courage (NHS England, 2013 cited in (Ndoro, 2014).
Communication is an essential tool of a HCP and defines the first impression a patient receives.
According to Collins (2009) effective communication follows a cycle of 4 components: informing (asking an open question to start the conversation), inviting (waiting for a response), listening and acknowledging (showing that you are listening). This model however focuses only on verbal communication.
According to Argyle’s (1988, cited in Jootun & McGhee 2011) research that suggests the majority of communication is non-verbal, only 7% of what we want to communicate is conveyed verbally while 93% is non-verbal. Of the latter, body language contributes 55% of the method of communication.
Non Verbal Communication can be invaluable in reinforcing the verbal message. Non-verbal communication consists of: listening, giving your full attention, being able to understand thoughts, feelings and behaviour (Bach, S. 2009).
HCP’s use Egan’s (1986 cited in Stickley, 2011) SOLER acronym as a guide to non-verbal communication. This advises sitting squarely and openly in front of the patient, leaning towards them, maint...

... middle of paper ... to provide high quality care. It has been explained that communication and teamwork are key to the outcome of the quality of care the patient receives and that both these factors influence each other’s effectiveness. The essay has highlighted that the quality of care to patients is greatly enhanced if the relevant health care professionals can work together within a framework of care for the patient. Effective teamwork can improve patient’s safety as it leads to planned and standardised processes, proper integration and execution of clinical activities, and increased control over the work environment. It has also shown how the quality of care depends on effective communication between HCPs and patients and that overcoming barriers to communication is essential to the formation of therapeutic relationships, which is at the heart of effective patient, centred care.

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