Communication And Employee Benefits : Measuring Effectiveness, And The Inverted Pyramid Format Of Hr And Communication

Communication And Employee Benefits : Measuring Effectiveness, And The Inverted Pyramid Format Of Hr And Communication

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The book “The Definitive Guide to HR Communication” is an in-depth analysis of HR and communication. This book provides valuable insights on how to effectively talk to your employees and how to treat them like customers.
In this book, there are several principals to communicating and simplifying the process in delivering a message; we choose to highlight three techniques that are commonly used in our society today. Measuring effectiveness, the use of employee surveys, and the inverted pyramid format of communication and employee benefits.
Measuring Effectiveness starts with getting an idea of your employees’ or audience’s idea of what they know. In order to figure that out the authors say we need to know what the effectiveness is and how to measure it. The image displayed below says to measure and look to for parameters of employees understanding. (Davis, 2011, p. 136)

To gain this knowledge of your company’s effectiveness Davis and Shannon (2011) employ the use of surveys in the form of “strongly agree-strongly disagree” as well as concise, simple, and open-ended questions. When conducting these surveys, you must know whom your target audience is and how you want to structure your survey so there isn’t any wasted space. Once the structuring of the survey is complete and results are gathered, be sure to include your management team and how you want to dissect the results. The parameters (Action, Belief, Understanding, Satisfaction, and Participation) are the keys to use when analyzing your results. “The Definitive Guide to HR Communication” suggests that you take your time and analyze your results with your management team to decide how to go about future changes based on your results.
In comparing Davis and Shannon’s view to...

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...t broachers, posters, bulletin boards, and social media, whichever way they prefer.

“Man is a tool using animal, without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all”
-Thomas Carlyle
This idea of tools is more prevalent in HR because, communication is key and the reoccurring theme of Davis and Shannon’s (2011) work. Among all the communication mediums used in an organization, emails are used widely as an effective form of a business communication. From the company’s CEO to an employee of the business, emails are very easy and inexpensive. “Internal emails can function as an effective communication for sharing basic information, such as new cafeteria prices, paper use guidelines, or security precautions, for example. Sending simple messages to an entire workforce with just the click of a mouse is fast, easy, convenient and can save the company money”. (Lorette, 2015)

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