Essay on Communication And Decision Making Is A Big Part Of Everyday Business

Essay on Communication And Decision Making Is A Big Part Of Everyday Business

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Communication and decision making is a big part of everyday business. Fred Luthans writes, “Both communication and decision making are dynamic, personal processes relevant to the social cognitive framework and the study of organizational behavior.” (Luthans, 2011, pg. 259) Communication and decision making are tied together. A person has to be able to interpret different types of communication in order to form a proper decision. Many companies have seen the benefit of people working in teams. They have redefined a number of jobs to be a team atmosphere to solve problems and to make decisions. Furthermore, Tim Barnett writes about the advantages of group decision making, “Group decision-making may also lead to a greater collective understanding of the eventual course of action chosen, since it is possible that many affected by the decision implementation actually had input into the decision.” (Barnett, 2016) A team of people has different perspectives that might be missed if different people are not involved in the process of making decisions. In this paper, I will discuss how diverse creative people, communication, and having a process can help generate more ideas with a group of people involved in decision making.
Diversity and Creativity
In order to have a group that generate more ideas, the group should be made up of diverse creative people from varying backgrounds. In this day and age, companies need creative people that can look at situations through different sets of eyes in an imaginative way. Conversely, creative people look outside the box for answers to problems or to decision that need to be made. Nevertheless, I cannot help about thinking about the makers of Facebook and Twitter all of who were creative peo...

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...ns may take the form of a compromise, or agreement on a fair procedure for generating an outcome. Integrative, or win-win, solutions are the most desirable.” (Weitzman & Weitzman, 1998-2005) Lastly, a group who works together to find a solution that they all agree on will be more likely to continue to develop successful ideas in the future.
Communication is needed in order to begin to make decisions in the workplace. Group decision making has become the norm these days at work. There are several ways a group can generate more ideas than an individual by selecting diverse creative people, using open interactive communication, and selecting a process to use to develop a decision. In conclusion, a company will be wise to maintain an environment where their workers are empowered to make innovative decisions that will drive the company into future success.

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