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Communication Across Generations Essay

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Communication across Generations
Supervising staff and volunteers from ages fourteen to ninety can be a challenging task. These age groups make up the four different generations: Traditionalist, Baby Boomers, Generation X’ers, and Generation Y’ers. Traditionalist, (born 1925-1946) may need a little prodding to communicate their needs and they prefer written communication plans. Baby Boomers, (born 1946-1964) are aware of technology but still prefer to communicate by telephone and they call themselves the age of the memo. Generation X’ers, (born 1965-1982) commonly prefer short concise communication. Generation Y’ers, (born 1983-2000) prefer short, quick e-mails, texting and mobile phone applications to communicate. The hospital employs people from all of these generations. Yet organizations are still relying on e-mails, voicemails, memoranda’s and face-to-face time to reach this diverse group. Learning to communicate across different generations can ensure that all staff and volunteers understand policy and procedure, deliver a remarkable patient experience, and reach employee satisfaction goals.
First and foremost, all staff and volunteers need to understand hospital policies and procedures that apply to their work environment. Information in a hospital changes regularly; becoming aware of these changes are all staffs responsibilities. The amount of communication distributed daily makes this task next to impossible.
When an employee works for a healthcare organization, preventive healthcare is essential. Flu shots are not mandatory at Presbyterian Orthopaedic Hospital (POH) just strongly suggested. If an employee chooses not to take a flu shot, she must go online and sign a


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...n they do not have a centralized staff area. Reaching these staff members requires daily rounding, which at times can be impossible. Being unable to provide communication to this group of staff and volunteers can create dissatisfaction for this group. Having a leader who is unable to communicate effectively to these groups may influence turnover rates, perception of fairness and equity, and decrease the overall morale of the staff. As the leader of this diverse staff, I need to be able to recognize their learning styles and communicate to them in a way they are able to understand.

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