Communicating Through The Lens Of My Personality Type 2 Essay

Communicating Through The Lens Of My Personality Type 2 Essay

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The workshop we have recently completed in class about the dominant colours and personality types has greatly benefitted me in the aspect of understanding my personality type and the personality types of others. Upon completion of the workshop, it came to my realization, that I am a people-oriented person; I have learned why I have always felt the need to focus on the needs of people around me, and their betterment and always want others to feel happiness. I choose to describe myself this way because I often feel the need to help others and care for others’ well being, I enjoy interacting with others and find peace in creating a positive environment for my peers. Often times I have chosen others’ happiness over my own, this personality trait also plays a big role in why I chose a helping profession; therefore I am certain I am a people-oriented person.

As a dominant Blue, I find enjoyment in interacting with new people and perceive new situations with enthusiasm. I am delighted to meet new people, find it a great learning experience and am interested in meeting people with different types of personalities; this also benefits my interpersonal skills greatly. When meeting people or encountering new situations, I enjoy taking risks and creating bonds with others, and not having to think about the outcomes.

Being a dominant blue, I do not find my interpersonal communication skills being affected; rather I find that my interpersonal skills benefit from my personality type,

because of my ...

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...lp in a practical and organized manner, dominant gold are extremely organized and detail oriented, so you might wish to help them create a visual list of the pros and cons, also they enjoy seeing results and appreciate feedback. They are responsible, reliable and punctual when it comes to work; they believe that work must come before play, but value family and heritage. Lastly, when providing support to a dominant orange, you must communicate with them in an enthusiastic and creative way, they tend to have hands—on approach towards things. They are adventurous beings, which is why they enjoy having freedom. Dominant orange are, carefree, flexible and problem solvers, they are curious and may pose questions, or wish to explore other choices but will adept to surroundings easily. You might wish to provide them with a few different choices and let them make a decision.

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