Essay on Communicating For A Change By Andy Stanley

Essay on Communicating For A Change By Andy Stanley

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The first chapter in part one of Andy Stanley’s book titled Communicating For a Change, is about people not listening. This chapter, and the first part of the book for that matter are written like a story, with the main character being Pastor Ray Martin. In the beginning of this chapter, pastor Martin is preaching when he begins to realize that the crowd is not listening at all. In fact, they are so unentertained that it is starting to throw off his whole sermon, so he makes a brilliant decision; he decides to grab his notes and leave the pulpit in order to gain their attention. This really resonated with me because it is similar to my preaching style. I am a youth pastor, so I usually walk around for two reasons. One reason is that it helps me to relax and have a more conversational tone, and the second is that it engages the audience and I am able to see if people are actually paying attention.
In the second chapter, pastor Martin decides to go see a preacher that he thinks will be able to help him learn to become a better pastor. When he gets there, he meets a man by the name of Willy Graham. Eventually pastor Martin finds out that Willy Graham is essentially a truck driver-preacher and he becomes obviously upset. The part of this chapter that stood out to me is how God decides to use the people that no one would ever consider using. Willy Graham had little to zero training to be a preacher, but he had God’s calling on his heart and the willingness to listen to Him, and in reality those are the only two things that anybody needs to do God’s work.
Chapter three starts with the two gentlemen discussing the previous situation. Pastor Martin, still clearly distraught is unsure about what to do because of his previous discover...

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...chapter is about Starting All Over. Any pastor who has been preaching and preparing sermons for any decent amount of time knows the extremely frustrating feeling of getting stuck on a sermon. Fortunately, Stanley gives some ways to combat this problem. The first step is to pray, and to pray a lot. The second step is to ask five questions. What do they need to know? Why do they need to know it? What do they need to do? Why do they need to do it? What can I do can I do to help them remember? Stanley points out that even the best preachers get stuck, so he says to keep these questions near where you work so you can refer to them. These questions are great and very applicable, but when it comes down to it, some of the best sermons I have ever preached are when God changes things up on me and give me divine inspiration. So prayer is a vital part of preparing any message.

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