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Communication is the bridge that connects people to each other. But do all people know how to communicate? All of us believe that it is not a complicated process and we never think of what it takes to deliver a clear message or idea. But communication is like any other skill, it needs practice and learning to master it and have the ability to pass our thoughts to other people in a clear and transparent way.
The text defines interpersonal communication as “interaction with others.(Hybels, Weaver, 2007 p156).
To put it in simple words, no relationship can be built if we don’t put the first brick of interpersonal communication. It is very hard to call somebody a friend if we don’t share characteristic in common. It is not a must to be mirrors of each other but there is a minimum requirement for people to get along with each other.
Interpersonal contact is an important aspect in our lives. Think about it, we can’t survive if we don’t interact with each other. Nobody can live alone and not speak to other people. To strike a dialogue with another person means that we have something in common to discuss and talk about. We can share ideas and express feelings through our communication, and this leads to the continuity of interaction.
Communication could be performed in many ways. Some of these ways are the verbal and non-verbal. Through verbal communication, people use words and sentences to express their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. From the minute we wake up to the minute we go to bed, we keep talking and discussing matters with each other whether at work, home or shopping, with people we know or strangers. The other tool of communication is the non-verbal form which includes facial expressions, eye contact, and tone of voic...

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...esent ourselves to other people. Sometimes I see it as the marketing tool for us. The more eloquent and presentable we are, the more we can affect other people. Without any doubt, it is a long process. It could take a lifetime to get to the level that we aspire to reach. By the way, age has nothing to do with it. You meet people whom you think that they are old enough to know but they shock you with their ignorance. Throughout my humble experience and being a teacher, I meet all sorts of people. Each person is unique and you should know what’s the most effective way to communicate with them. As I mentioned earlier there is no model to follow, but with experience we get better. We can’t always go by the book and we have to use our intelligence.

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