Communicaiton: Hand Gestures with Kids Essay

Communicaiton: Hand Gestures with Kids Essay

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Children do not use verbal communication when they are young. They use gestures as a way to communicate because they have, yet to acquire verbal skills. Gestures are a form of body language. Body language is something that we as humans do on purpose to help explain things, but also perform without even consciously knowing. In today’s society we have been learning more about body language and how our bodies help omit feelings and meanings to others; which we can not, as humans always express through our knowledge of verbal language. Body language is very important for children of a younger age because it is the only way that they are able to communicate. Hand gestures are the form of body language that is the most important abilities to acquire. The hand has more connections with the nervous system than any other body part giving them more information to relay to others. Some believe that body language in context with your hands is a natural motor skill. However, children technically use their hands to communicate their different needs wants and other things that they want that can otherwise not be expressed through verbal communication.
When a baby reaches for something with out-stretched hands they are trying to communicate that they need or want that item that they can see in front of them. For example, when a child sees a toy that they want, but it is up high or too far away from them, they extend their arms out, with open hands, gesturing towards that object expressing their want for it. A mom blogged about her son saying, “My son just turned 11 months on Monday and started requesting items by outreaching his arm and making sounds to communicate that he wants something that is high up or out of his reach”(Hand Gestures…). As ...

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...y from them in fear. They place their hands in front of them as "protection." When you observe fearfulness in a child's gestures, be aware of her feelings and respect her desire for a slower and more cautious introduction to new creatures or people.(hoing)
Never fully understand meaning (personal interpretation)
Hand gestures, the way that children without the verbal communication skills, making it difficult to converse with the rest of the world. Most people usually don’t understand the non-verbal communication take place all around you. It happens at schools, between friends, in the work place, even in the government. It helps define the messages that people are trying to get across to each other. Children use it to communicate in general; they have almost taught themselves how to communicate without language which its very intelligent for humans at that age.

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