Common Themes Between Let Me Hear Your Voice And The Selected Article Essay

Common Themes Between Let Me Hear Your Voice And The Selected Article Essay

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Common themes between Let Me Hear Your Voice and the selected article:
1. In the article it talks about the grieving model that parents go through. Catherine in, Let Me Hear Your Voice went through this grieving process. She experienced the denial, anger and frustrations that parents of ASD children go through. (Toni)
2. Another common theme was the everyday frustrations that mount and greatly affect the families of ASD children. Catherine many times felt she had to leave the room while her children had meltdowns when working with workers. Another example of everyday frustrations would be her son’s constantly crying for hours. When we hear a child cry for a period of time we feel stressed, we want to help the child and find out why they are crying? For Catherine and her family this frustration was a constant, all of us can see how extremely taxing this would have been! (Toini)
Catherine described her son, Michel 's behavior among a variety of small things, such as his eating habits, and tantrums. We also could see that the stress to balance the whole family’s needs affected Catherine. It was an intense strain on everyone, Daniel and Anne-Marie included. According to the article of A model of stress in Families of children with developmental disabilities: clinical and research applications, stress is a daily hassle paradigm. It suggests it is not necessarily a major life event that is stressful but all the everyday frustrations and hassles associated with it. (Keke Tang)
4. Other life stressors – the child with ASD is not the only stressor the family is facing in Let Me Hear Your Voice. The article suggests that it is important for a clinician to take these stressors into account when working with a family. Clinicians are po...

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...lp tasks
• Cognitive development level and etc.
2. Other Life Stressors-Stressful life events families commonly go through such as:
• Moving
• Losing job
• Sickness in family (ex. cancer)
• Financial difficulties
• Being a single parent
• Sandwich generation
3. Resources:
• Personal: internal coping strategies/beliefs
• Demographic factors-education, employment status
4. Family system
• happy marriage & etc.
5. Informal Social Supports
• other family members, friends, neighbours, community, religious
• emotional as well as tangible help
• quantity vs quality
• social network
6. Formal Supports and Services-professional or paraprofessionals, interventions (educational/treatment programs)
• family intervention, individual, marital, family counselling, respite care, behavioural management, parent support groups
7. Parental Outcomes >good or bad

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