Common Software Testing Methodologies Essay

Common Software Testing Methodologies Essay

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When a web application is developed with some specific goal in mind, those peculiarities which segregate them from any other software application also affects their testing in several ways. These changes may result in harder than traditional testing and to accomplish them successfully we need to employ different testing methodologies. Following are some of the most common testing methodologies available in the testing domain
• Interface testing
• Usability testing
• Functionality testing
• Compatibility testing
• Performance testing
• Security testing
Between the above testing methodologies, the testing which is most suitable for the web-based student registration system would be
• Interface testing
• Functionality testing
• Usability testing
Let move on the understanding these testing methodologies starting with Interface testing

Any web-application consists of two main system interfaces as specified below:
• Web server interface and Application server interface
• Application and Database server interface.

This testing methodology specifically deals with answering following questions
• Check all the interactions between the above servers are executed properly?
• Are all the errors are handled properly? If any error happens at database or web-server level, for any transaction by application server, are these error messages caught and displayed to the user appropriately?
• What should happen when the user interrupts a transaction in-between?
• What should happen when the web-server connection is reset in between?

The functionality testing uses following strategy to check if the web application is functionally correct or not
• Test the working of all the links on a web page
• Test all the database connection are established a...

... middle of paper ...

...he user
k. Test to check if all the following DB operation are successful
i. Student login data is validated properly with that DB
ii. Eligible classes are fetched when student logs in
iii. Student is successfully able to register for a class
iv. Student was able to fetch the confirmation receipt
v. Student was able to generate the class registration invoice

a. The main menu should be consistent throughout the web site
b. When the student is in the WSRS, he/she should be able to see and browse all the eligible classes
c. Student should be able to logout any time he/she may wish
d. The color scheme and image sizes should be consistent throughout the web site
e. All the class and student information content should be accurate and free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.
f. Student must have access to sitemap and a link should be provided for web-site help.

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