Common Sense, Is It Really All That Common?

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Common sense, is it really all that common? Ever encountered a person who seems very intelligent, but handles a task differently than what is expected to be the common way of doing it? Did they seem to be acting a little dumb and confused, like they were never taught how to do the task at hand? This behavior represents someone who does not use common sense or that has never been exposed to thinking outside of the box. These types of people may have been taught one way of doing things and never had the desire to venture out to find an easier way of completing a task. Just how common is common sense? Believe it or not, “Common sense is not so common”, (Voltaire). The characteristic of common sense is not something that a person is born with. It is learned behavior achieved by watching and possessing acts of others on how to simplify the performance of everyday tasks. Although no one is born with common sense, it is usually learned at a young age. For example, a young child is taught not to touch a hot stove. From that point on, the child will use common sense and know that a sto...
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