The Common Misconception Of Gender Roles Essay

The Common Misconception Of Gender Roles Essay

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The Common Misconception of Gender Roles
As history shows, society often overlooks women. The female role is made to appear less significant or less effective than that of a man in. Society instills this idea through the correlation of men as the typical providers of the family, thus allowing them to assume the role of figurehead of the home. The primary reason men once made the sole income for their families was due to the fact that businesses would not hire females (up until the late 1950’s) because their sex deemed them unqualified. In August Wilson’s “Fences,” the main character, Troy Maxson, rushes through life, brainwashed by a construed conception of his burdensome gender-assumed duty to society and his family; in his mind, he sees a goal: more points to score and a game to win. His wife, Rose, however, subtly disproves the faulty concept. Rose sits at the bottom of the social chain as a poor, African American woman in the early 1900’s. Her social status confines her, yet her roles in her family possess the most power. Like a flower growing in a garden, Rose nurtures and enriches her family with care and love and attention while Troy recklessly treats life as a game of achievement. Rose demonstrates vitality of women in African American societies, for she utilizes power in family with her instinctive inclination to fully deliver herself.
Through marriage, Rose experiences a change in identity for her family. With the vows of marriage, she binds herself to Troy; her life completely shifts form to evolve from a powerless, single woman to a devoted wife. For a young woman in the 1950’s, marriage signified a lifelong commitment to her husband. African American women lacked access to education and jobs, so “marriage was . . . co...

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... too painful, the family preserves a unified status, but Troy is essentially cut off. Rose’s venerable caring nature empowers her to continue render for the motherless child, and her willpower permits her to uproot the man whom she seeded in her garden for eighteen years. Eighteen years of trust, love, and commitment are thrown to waste by an avaricious decision. Yet, the garden remains intact without Troy’s presence, for Rose’s ability to nurture surpasses all odds. In August Wilson’s Fences, Rose subtly challenges the house held dominance by doing what she knows best for her family. Today, society is not inherently dominated by the male sex, but rather both genders have equivalent power: this power was derived from the era of Rose Maxson. Speaking out against the unjust acts of men heads way to equal say. Balanced households ensue: partisan control corrupts family.

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