Common Law Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

Common Law Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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In the passing generations, common-law marriage has increased in popularity.
With the increasing popularity of common-law marriage comes questions addressing why it is becoming more widespread, the issues it brings in respect to relationships and the permanence of those relationship, as well had the legal obligations and laws associated with common-law marriage compared to legal marriage. Common-law marriage has became more popular as our society has changed, common-law marriage is a more affordable, and accessible for people. Common-law marriage is increasing due to the cause of religion views, poor economy, and this generations lifestyle goals differ form previous generations.
In 2011, when Statistics Canada did a census on Common-law marriage it was found that there was a significant increase in the number of common-law couples compared to 50 years before in 1961. In 1961, 91.6% of families that completed the census were married couples, but in 2011, that percentage dropped to 67.0% mostly due to the increased popularity of common-law couples. Married couples of over 30 years increase to 19.7% from 1981-2011 and common-law couples increased from 5.6% in 1981 to 16.7% of all census families in 2011, which surpassed the number of lone parents(1,567,910 to 1,527,840). The percentages of same-sex common-law also increased 15.0% from 2006 to 2011, which is slightly higher that the increase of opposite sex common-law partners. There was also an increase in common-law couples with children. Between 2001 and 2011 census families with children increased from 7.6% in 2001 to 9.4% in 2011,12.8% of those couples having children under the age of 14 in 2001 and 16.3% of children being under 14 in 2011. Statistics Canada recorded that in 19...

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...r improve them. If the common-law couple cannot sort who owns what to whom, you can apply to the court for a court order on how to divide the property. It is recommended that each partner in a common-law partnership have legal advise when trying to divide ownership.
There is no mistaking that the people growing up in this generation have chose to ignore the pressures of religion and the views it has on marriage as the number of common-law marriages has increased versus the number of legal marriages. Coming out of school with career aspirations instead of starting a family right away all while accumulating personal debt are all factors for today 's younger people. Marriage just isn 't on the mind. If legal marriage and common-law partnerships offer almost identical benefits and disadvantages then it 's easy to understand the growing popularity of common-law marriage.

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