The Common Law And Criminal Justice System Essay

The Common Law And Criminal Justice System Essay

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The criminal justice system, prisons being part of it has made a huge impact on those be convicted for the use or possession of drugs. However, with the help of resources and influence there are ways to get off or have a less of a sentence by money and power. Though if money and power isn’t an option for them art is a way to provide prisoners rehabilitation and healing who have been involved by the criminalization of drugs.
The Common Law, Criminal Justice System is one of three types of legal systems. The Common Law is used in the U.S and is presented as a type of legal system that bases most of their convictions by the court 's decisions. From having the most cases determined by the courts can look to be favorable to the rich who are able to get the proper resources, which are money, power and influence to have on their behalf. For instance, the rich are able to hire a top lawyer that can put all of his or her time and effort on each of their cases because the top lawyer is going to get paid very well. Whereas, a person that does have money to even post bail is most likely will not be able to get off or get a less of a sentence will instead be convicted with the highest possible sentence. This eventually goes into inductive vs. deductive and how the inductive reasoning of the U.S. criminal justice system can make a huge impact on the court’s ruling but also can be seen as another favor of the rich. The inductive reasoning is a chance for the defendant to have the top lawyer build new ideas from the ground up and look deeper into the case like going over the, witnesses and evidences as a way to make the case stronger. While the

deductive is taking the new information and building on it and is presented as if you are poor and y...

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...n Addition to viewing the artwork there was a panel discussion with one guest being a former inmate who talked about his experience in prison and how art has made a drastic change his life when he got out of prison. Overall, it was great to see the artwork and listen to the panel discussion to know that “art helps them to express themselves, relieve stress, feel happier, be creative, and make better choices” (Brewster, 2014, p.7).
From the dehumanizing of the Common Criminal Justice System that favors the rich when convicted for drugs and small offenses, the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration that indicates who goes to prison and who doesn’t. To Alec a non-profit organization that let large corporations and businesses requires inmates to do labor work. Brings inmates the influence of art that has played as a role for rehabilitation and healing in and out of prison.

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