Essay on The Common Forms Of Communication

Essay on The Common Forms Of Communication

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Communication is a way for people to interact with one another and get a message across to people using different types of communication. An example being sending and receiving a message between others, this can be done by speech, behaviour, visual, signals and writing. In a care setting, communication is very important; messages have to be clear for the receiver to understand and needs have to be met. Some people may struggle with some ways of communicating and so it is important when working with the ones finding it difficult that they are understood and communicated with properly and as expected. Some of the types of communications include:

One to one – This is the most common forms of communication. One to one conversations consists of various topics. These conversations, unlike other types of communications are usually not rehearsed beforehand, with the exception of health and social care worker. For example, Police officer, doctor, care worker and more.

In a one to one conversation between a doctor and patient, there are many types of interactional interceptions. One way is to try and create the right kind of feeling and setting. For example, if a doctor is about to give a patient some bad news, they should make sure they are in a private room where no one else would hear.

Another would be to create a positive emotional atmosphere. This would be best to do it before discussing complicated issues or giving out personal information to patients. To help tell this information, showing that you are friendly and relaxed will help.

During a one to one communication it is important to send and receive the messages accurately. Depending on the person you are talking to, choose words the listener will understand. For example...

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...eir colleagues and patients so they can understand one another clearly. If there were no interpersonal interaction and great communications serious outcomes could happen. For example child abuse. If someone was being abused by their family or peers and even thought hey visit the doctors they don’t notice and due to no communication they could end up critical or dead. I think if many of the care workers had come together they may have noticed that something was wrong with them. If this was to happen the care service will get blamed. Multi-agency and communication with colleagues is important in my opinion, in the care industry. This gives them the chance to discuss their ideas and develop their knowledge or new inventions. This could link to Tuckman’s theory as the first stage is ‘forming’ which involves members of a group coming together to discuss their ideas.

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