Essay Common Family Forms Within Your Family

Essay Common Family Forms Within Your Family

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Me – Chanraksmey Sytha-Heng

What were the common family forms within your family? (i.e. was the family a breadwinner/homemaker, single parent, divorced, remarried family etc.)
My husband and I both make money in the relationship. I follow after my parent’s role in the relationship.
What is the story behind your name?
My real name is Chanraksmey. It means full moon in Cambodian. My uncle from Cambodia always wanted a daughter, so my parents let him name me. No one calls me by my full name though. Everyone calls me Cinny.
What would you say were the major differences in those forms if you experienced more than one? For example, if the person went from a breadwinner/homemaker family to a dual income family, what were some of the changes/differences that were experienced?
I would not mind either or if I was the breadwinner or homemaker. I prefer both of us to be making money and still have time for my son.
How would you describe your high school years? Your peer group?
I went to Herbert Hoover High School and graduated in 2013. I was rebellious during my high school years, but I still got my work done. My peer group were smart in school and in the streets. Some got out of the streets, but some stayed. I now only have two good friends.
What is your level of education? How did this effect your job, career or lifestyle?
I have my high school diploma and still working on getting my bachelor’s degree. I go to Grossmont College and plan on transferring to San Diego State by next Fall. My life is a struggle, but I am still trying to make it through college.
What career or job did you have (or do you expect to have?
I used to work as a waitress at a restaurant. I want to work with children in the future who grew up in broken homes and...

... middle of paper ...

...s ethnic, racial or religious background? Please describe and compare how these may have changed from generation to generation.
My mom makes me pray to Buddha before we leave the house. She told me to learn patience. I am going to practice how to meditate soon.
What types of active kinship ties did you have growing up? Did your children have?
My parents will sacrifice anything to give me a better life.
Were your grandparents active in your life or your parents active in your children’s lives?
I do not have any children.
What was your relationship with your siblings?
I do not have any brothers or sisters, but I will in the future.
What was your relationship with your parents?
I spend time with my parents a lot.
What was your relationship with your cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.?
I do not have any cousins at the moment, but I get along with all of my aunts and uncles.

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