Essay about Common Criterial For Information Technology Security Evaluation

Essay about Common Criterial For Information Technology Security Evaluation

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Common criterial for information technology security evaluation, which is called Common Criteria (CC) is an international standard for computer information security which explicitly specify the security needs of computer users. These standards govern different factors related to computer security like the process of information security specification, implementation and evaluation. These criterion act as a guide for all information security experts therefore they should turn to it when they have to make a decision about setting up an IT security system (Denning, 1999), it could be the hardware or the software parts. The following of the guide lines is not only necessary for the information security itself but also for the eligibility to get the ISO/IEC 15408 certificate (Horie, Yajima, Azimah, Goto, & Cheng, 2009). The Common Criterial is divided in to three main parts ("ISO/IEC Standard 15408 — ENISA").
Part 1: Introduction and general model (15408-1): This is a general overview of the standards. The user can use this part as a start to understand and implement the overall criteria for information security.
Part 2: Security functional requirements (15408-2): This part explains specific functional components that form the overall template of the overall security policy that is in compliance with the international standards.
Part 3: Security assurance requirements (15408-3): This parts suggests assurance components that contribute to the standard template. This part is also use as a guide towards an evaluation criteria.
The three parts are used alike by the developers and evaluators of the information security systems to help guide them to achieve international standards in their respective fields of information s...

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...t organizations should have internal training to inform the employees about the importance of adopting to these ethics and who they can help them in their professional life. This could help in diverting the negative behavior of the employees regarding the ethics related to information security towards positive.
I would like to conclude my discussion by stressing on following the Common Criteria to be in line with the ISO/IEC 15408 standards. Getting in compliance with these standards can not only get the desired certification but also improve the organizational security status. Ethics should always be kept in mind whenever a policy is devised for information security. There should be no part of the information policy that could lead to compromising on ethics. This way high standards can be achieved while keeping the privacy and security of others intact.

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