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Common Core is a highly debated movement that has replaced No Child Left Behind. According to the Common Core State Initiative website (2015), a set of standards was developed by
“The nation 's governors and education commissioners, through their representative organizations, the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), led the development of the Common Core State Standards and continue to lead the initiative. Teachers, parents, school administrators, and experts from across the country, together with state leaders, provided input into the development of the standards.”
After much misinformation, misunderstanding and finally much debate across the state, The Mississippi Department of Education drafted and adopted a similar set of standards. These are known as Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards. To many, the question remains, why were the standards created, and are they going to improve my child’s education?
Statistics show that Mississippi is at the bottom of almost every list. Educating our children has not been the exception to that rule. As cited by the Mississippi Department of Education (2012), there is much need for improvement in our school.
“Based on a report of 2011 ACT scores, only 11 percent of Mississippi students were ready for college in English, math, reading and science, compared to 25 percent of students nationwide – the worst in the nation.
Test scores show Mississippi is farthest behind the rest of the nation in math and science. More than half the state 's seniors meet the benchmark in English, but only 14 percent do so in science. Nationally, 67 percent of students meet the English benchmark while 31 percent do so...

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...le across the member states; and the nation, since the assessments are based on the college- and career-ready standards.” As a result, everyone involved with a student’s education will have a snapshot that tells where the child stands on his track to college or a career.
While there is no ”fix-all” solution to the challenges that Mississippians face when it comes to educating our children, the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards are a starting point. With proper communication and understanding between educators and the community, we could change how the world views Mississippi. We need to put our children and their education on the top of our priority list. Adults across the state need to come together and work for the common goal of giving our children the best start to life possible, a good education.



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