The Common Core Standards For Students With Disabilities Essay

The Common Core Standards For Students With Disabilities Essay

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The Common Core standards are also applicable to students with disabilities, though there are some minor differences. Students with disabilities are motivated to thrive in their general course of study so that each student may shine and be fully prepared in any future aspirations. The Common Core standards supply an opportunity to adjust curriculum to better suit the needs of the students while also ensuring they meet required benchmarks. The best practices to use when helping students with disabilities succeed with daily work and standardized tests can be a variety of accommodations. These accommodations can include a variety of tools such as a reading pen or speech to text technology. These accommodations are meant to provide support to the student without compromising the high level of expectations placed on the students. Pupils with disabilities have class time which is integrated with accommodations and support as needed. These students are on an Individualized Educational Program or IEP. This includes period goals which each student should be able to achieve. According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act, “An Individualized Educational Program or IEP should specify appropriate accommodations that are needed to measure the individual achievement and functional performance of the student.” Within their grade level instructors can ensure that these students are meeting the standards that are addressed in their grade level. In an Individualized Educational Program instructional accommodations are outlined for the student, these accommodations can vary greatly from one student to the next. By implementing standards outlined in laws such as The Individuals with Disabilities Act teachers will be able to provide an effective st...

... middle of paper ..., and/or disabilities. There are a number of ways in which a teacher can work within the law to ensure no discrimination is taking place, this can include: Providing written notices in the student 's and family 's primary language to ensure there is no miscomunication or discrimination or a translator provided as needed for students or to families for meetings with teachers and staff. Teachers must ensure that they are not contributing to discrimination by highlighting student differences as well. Every student has the right to an education that is delivered in a positive and caring manner. There are many ways in which a teacher can create a positive and effective learning environment for their students to help them meet federal and state standards, but by working hard and keeping those standards at the forefront every teacher can create that wonderful classroom.

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