Common Core Is Not A New Method Essay

Common Core Is Not A New Method Essay

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Common core is not a new method. America has set standards since at least the 1950’s and many schools have since then implemented a curriculum supporting this ideal. These standards in language arts and mathematics are supposed to help the nation prepare students for college and their future careers. The effects of common core, both positive and negative, lead to the debate on whether or not it should still be implemented in schools today, but thanks to federal funding it has made it hard to get rid of the program. It is because of this that the governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal has decided to sue the federal government for violating the 10th amendment. Although many can agree that having standardized goals gives both the students and staff members the incentive to work hard to prepare students for college, school districts and local governments shouldn’t feel pressured to go along with the plan just to get the funding needed for the school to continue providing for their students. And even though common core is a good way to unite the nation and set goals for each student, schools should all have the same budget to spend on whatever programs would be most beneficial to their students.
Common core is defined as a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy. These learning goals outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade Anya Kamenetz author of "Tough Week for the Common Core" writes that “[t]he Common Core [is] not, strictly speaking, national standards. They were developed independently of the federal government, and states are not under a mandate to adopt them,” but then goes on to say that the “standards received a big boost in the form of funding...

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...ant program and waiver policy to press states into accepting the same educational testing and standards program” (2). And “The Obama administration 's Race to the Top competition, which had cash-strapped states vie for $4 billion in federal funding, pushed states to implement "college and career-ready" standards” (3). These summaries show how money is being used to push the common core standards in schools.
In conclusion even though national standards are a good way to keep students and staff interested in learning and gives the incentive to work hard in preparing for college, the common core program violates the 10th amendment and leaves states at a disadvantage for developing their own educational plans. If the federal government continues to take away state’s powers the foundations upon what our nation was built on will be lost and we will no longer be a democracy.

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