Essay Common Core; Emotions, Logic and the Right Choice

Essay Common Core; Emotions, Logic and the Right Choice

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The basis for common core is simply that students across a state and even the nation will share the same core concepts of learning with every other student. Before common core, each individual state was learning different skills, but with common core, every student will be learning the same skills at the same grade level. This practice insures that every student receives the same quality of education. Pacing guides are put in place to insure that instructors are teaching at consistent paces. However, these pacing guides were not made to be followed too closely. Instead, a teacher should move at a comfortable pace for his or her students, making sure they fully understand the concepts and skills they are learning. These guides are also made available to the parents, so they too can understand what their children will be learning that year. Lastly, common core standards will allow students to have more hands on learning. The goal of common core is to ensure that students not only know the information, but also truly understand it. For a student to have a deep understanding of a topic they practice it, they need to ask why and how, as well as question the material (Common Core). The emplacement of common core standards has been the source of many cheers, but is as good as the public makes it out to be? In the paragraphs to come I will try to persuade you that common core state standards are the future of education using pathos, logos and ethos in separate paragraphs. I will use the same information to show how each appeal alone will not form a well-rounded argument. After each paragraph I will explain how I used these appeals and my thoughts while writing each appeal. Finally, I will put all three appeals together into one rhetorica...

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