Essay on Common Core Consequences

Essay on Common Core Consequences

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Today many people, educators, parents, and students alike, feel that school curriculum is inadequate, and does not properly prepare students for college and career. With this concern in mind educators, administrators, and school officials in the United States set out to come up with a solution to this growing concern. Their solution: The Common Core State Standards. A good way to look at Common Core is that they are standards “designed to present clear understanding of what students are supposed to be learning in school,” (Cox). These clear standards will better prepare students for post-secondary education and future careers. The Common Core State Standards have been seen as a vast improvement in education standards, and there have been notable impacts. The standards, and its impacts both positive and negative, are great for students, but at the expense of teachers. It is important to note that Common Core has not yet been fully implemented in schools, and is not in every state. Full implementation will take place in the 2014-15 school year, in approximately 45 states.
One of the major selling points for the standards, for the majority of the states, is Common Core makes curriculum more rigorous, thus raising the standard of education. Another notable impact is that the standards have also made curriculum more detailed (Willits). With this overhaul of education standards, educators are now provided a, “fresh opportunity to prepare students,” (Drew).
With the standards changing in elementary, middle, and secondary education, there are also changes in continued education. College education programs “will change to provide educators a better understanding of student requirements,” ("Four Ways Common Core Standards Will Impact Cl...

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