Essay Common Code Of Ethics Of The Gospel Of John

Essay Common Code Of Ethics Of The Gospel Of John

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Common Code of Ethics
In the gospel of John, Jesus prayed that His disciples would be one, just as He and the Father are One (John 17:20-21). Jesus had spent three years preparing His disciples for this moment, training them not only how to accomplish the mission, but also giving detailed teaching regarding their attitudes and behaviors. Throughout the centuries, God’s church has expanded throughout the world as a unified effort, fulfilling Jesus’ final command to make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19-20). Luke presented Jesus’ ethical teaching throughout his Gospel account (Tannehill, 2012). In contrast, the book of Acts does not contain a great deal of ethical teaching; however, four topics appeared regarding witness, leadership, mission and authorities, and possessions (Tannehill, 2012). The men highlighted in the book of Acts provide exemplary examples for modeling ministry (Tannehill, 2012). For effective ministry to occur, those serving must exhibit biblical ethics. All Christian ministries share a common mission, however the creation and dissemination of a global code of ethics pose a variety of challenges in understanding, and accepting the code across cultures, with no guarantee the new code would unify the ethics of Christian leaders.
Feasibility of a Global Code
At face value, the development and distribution of a common code of ethics for the Universal Church would seem quite simple. Since all Christians worship the same Triune God, place their faith in the Resurrected Savior, and embrace the same Bible, it follows they would share the same morals and ethics. Following this logic, the creation of such a code would encompass identifying moral and ethical topics, and structuring them according to their biblical pri...

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...oved to be a failure, since the employees in the company receiving these foreign policies neither accepted nor understood them (Helin, & Sanderström, 2008). Delivering a common code of ethics to a ministry that had given no input and to its development would likely yield a similar result.
The Holy Spirit is the driving force behind any Christian ministry. His involvement and allies of God’s children is just as vibrant in a church in the United States as it is in the lives of a group of believers struggling against terrorism. Spiritual maturity ensues as Christians recognize and embrace each others’ differences as authentic (Eriksson, & Abernethy, 2014). God works is will in all his children regardless of race or tongue. The one document every Christian has in common is the Bible, and it continues to successfully guide God’s children’s’ ethical thought and behavior.

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