The Common Childhood Rhyme, Ring Around The Rosy Essay

The Common Childhood Rhyme, Ring Around The Rosy Essay

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Ring Around the Rosy
Most recognize the common childhood rhyme “Ring Around the Rosy,” what many readers do not realize is that symptoms of the Black Death, also familiar as the Bubonic Plague, show up in the nursery rhyme. This correlation leaves many scholars believing that the two contain a sickening connection. ( Staff) Even though the Bubonic Plague started as a nominal disease, it is now considered a disease of great significance. The uncanny disease baffled modern-day scientists for centuries. Up until recently the Bubonic Plague and other outbreaks such as the Spanish Flu are the most noted in history. These diseases lost their epidemics and exist not as widespread in today 's culture. Though, due to pollution in countries such as China and Indonesia, the plague keeps a chance of returning as they possess modern-day outlooks on biological warfare. In the news now, the Zika virus is becoming prevalent. Perplexing scientists, the Zika virus is spreading rapidly without a clear cause, scientists began scouring their labs in search of a medication or vaccine. Although the Bubonic Plague occurred tragic in itself, the disease correlates to other common diseases today, including the Zika virus, which is extremely prevalent in the news.
Furthermore, there are three forms of plague known by doctors, bubonic being one of them. It is caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis and is highly contagious. Bubonic plague can be characterized by its horrid appearance. Its appearance can be noticed through the lymph nodes of the arm and groin being bruised. Bubonic plague is known for being the most ordinarily transpiring plague of the three (Bubonic Plague). The Bubonic plague’s history began when twelve Genoese ships arrived...

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...aging Brazil now is unsettling audience members ambition to travel there and is providing Brazil with a bad name (Kounalakis).
In conclusion, even though the two disease, Bubonic plague, and Zika virus, are very different, they also possess major connections such as their size of the outbreak, effects, and symptoms. Doctors in each time period were baffled by their confusing spread and inability to find a solution. Bubonic plague and Zika both can be considered nominal diseases in their beginning, but soon became major outbreaks which ravaged the affected areas. Both these diseases comprise of major correlations to the Spanish Flu of 1918. Even though the Zika virus is like a common cold compared to the other epidemics. But it 's linked with the Bubonic plague can be concluded with the phrase “not everyone gets infected, but everyone is affected” (Kounalakis).

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