Essay on Common Assessment Project And Peer Reviews

Essay on Common Assessment Project And Peer Reviews

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Common Assessment Project and Peer Reviews

The goal of research is acquire knowledge and seek to put into a specific context its findings so that we have a broaden understanding and explanation of things. Qualitative and Quantitative research data has an objective for us to acquire such knowledge. Through my research I was able to examine qualitative and quantitative studies of patient data security breaches in hospitals. In this paper I will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, validity and reliability of the two research method as well as recommendations for improvement.

Qualitative research is used though different areas of healthcare. Its type of research is used to normally assemble data through the experiences of researchers through strategies such as interviews, case studies, focus groups and personal observations. The Qualitative research technique is criticized by a few yet it has its advantages and disadvantages. In my unit 2 research I was able to examine four qualitative researches on patient data security breaches in hospitals. Through my analysis I was able to notice a few strengths and weaknesses of the qualitative data collected on patient data security breaches in hospitals.

The strengths of the research conducted were assessed in depth and in detail with open ended questions and gathering of data from people in the natural setting of the hospital. The research was based on human experiences from patients to hospital staff that experienced breaches of patient data security. The data collected included their personal experiences and opinions. The type of research allowed the researcher to conduct interviews that were not constrained to specific questions and gave the researcher a reasonable vision on what to exp...

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...was consistent in the studies. In each study many of the feedback regarding reasons for data security breaches remained consistent.

In Conclusion, through my examination of qualitative and quantitative research on my chosen topic a few suggestions I would make for qualitative and quantitative research would be to find ways to minimize research bias and apply in quantitative research better interpretations of the data in clarifying complex issues. The future of these two methods of research will continue to advance with technology. There will be creative ways to conduct research methods that it to another level. With technology having the capacity to collect mass amounts of data it will prove to be practical for research and provide effective communication. All things considered well conducted research is essential to the achievement of worldwide health efforts.

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