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Commercial whaling is a serious world issue that has always been difficult for those who are in support and those who are against it. Each group defends their side with convincing arguments. Morally, whaling is wrong, but do the reasons for whaling outweigh the reasons to cease the primitive hunts? By studying the effects of whaling,realizing how culture has changed over time, and taking note of the money that would be saved, it can clearly be seen that there is no longer a current need for whaling to continue. Efforts have been made to try to stop whaling, but with no help from any authoritative figure,nothing has been done to regulate the whaling. The famous sea shepherd, known for its strikes against whaling, can even be seen on the popular television show, Whale Wars. The continuation of whaling can only have negative effects on everyone. All practices of whaling should cease.
Whaling traditionally, began as early as the late 1500’s for some cultures (O’Barry). It was common to hunt whales for their meat and oil by the 1700’s. During the 18th and 19th century it was most common to hunt whale meat to survive and they used every part of the whale,the baleen bone of bowheads,humpbacks,and right whales (McLendon). The hunters needed the some whales was even sometimes used for umbrellas and corsets (Hoare). The whale provided more than just food, it even supplied villages and towns with employment. While many people solely whaled for resources there were also many who enjoyed the hunt, they wanted to seek out the whale and beat it in a battle of will, and force (O’Barry). Whaling became popular and common for people who lived on the shore. There are cities in various countries that were only made on the back of wha...

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