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It was a time unlike no other other time that had occurred, planet Earth was flourishing and technology was advancing to levels never before imagined. That is until we paid too much attention to what was out there rather than paying attention to our own affairs and every nation contributed well over billions to what was thought to be the most successful space mission in the recorded history of mankind. But the mission did not exactly go as planned as there were a few dilemmas aboard a massive space vessel.
Some years ago, during the fusion age, the greatest space exploration mission attempted in the history of mankind was launched. Meant to last eighteen months, the superstructure named Interfectorem de Tempus Spacenavigator (ITS), meaning the killer of time (for it did manage travel at an estimated speed of one hundred thousand three hundred miles per hour) was assembled outside the atmosphere and quickly became the largest and most ambitious space-craft ever constructed, it was four square miles and could hold a crew of three thousand and twelve of the best trained astro...

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