Commercial Sale of Genetically Modified Organism Essay

Commercial Sale of Genetically Modified Organism Essay

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Commercial sale of Genetically Modified Organism(GMO) was first introduced in 1994 and from that point on society has been in a nonstop debate about the safety of Genetically Engineered food. GMOs consumes about 70% of products at your local grocery store (Cite). This means that that a majority of 70% or your food has been genetically altered and engineered with DNA from bacteria, viruses and other plants (cite). Opponents argue that GMOs pose Health risks, negative impacts to the environment, victimize farmers and corrupt politics. Supporters of GMOs argue that GMO's prevent herbicides, pesticides, can be a simple solution to world hunger and are safe for individual consumption (cite). Despite the assumptions of the pro and con debate of Genetically Engineered foods, GMOs have been scientifically linked to chronic illnesses and environmental disruption (cite). Currently there is no regulation on Genetically Modified Organisms and the United States Food and Drug Agency has regarded GMO's as "safe" and "natural" as conventional food, therefore deeming regulation of these fields unnecessary. GMOs negatively impact our environment and pose a risk to individuals health. It is important to inform people on the potential danger of GMOs and initiate reform and regulation. The government needs to implement labeling of GMOs and enforce education programs that inform the public about what they are consuming and giving them a an educated choice to consume it.
Current Reform
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently regaurd as "safe”, meaning the food and drug industry has no obligation to conduct safety studies that could possibly arise long-term chronic illnesses. The FDA currently regards GMO's as “substantially equiv...

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...toward adopting a GMO reform where the consumer has the freedom between conventional and GM foods. Now just like how states have adopted Gay marriage, big states like California and New York must adopt mandate labeling laws for GMO's so that other states follow suit. Vermont is paving the way toward state wide GMO labeling laws and currently Maine and Connecticut have passed labeling but their laws won't go in to effect unless neighboring states adopt labeling legislation as well. The next important step is implementing education programs at the intermediate level, that teachers kids about the foods they are digesting, thus informing the children of the future about the risks of GM foods and advocating that Organic foods are better. By enforcing education programs at the younger levels, they too get the chance to make an informed decision and influence their diet.

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