Commercial Architecture and Globalization Essay

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Commercial architecture does it respond to the identity surrounding it? Or does it merely respond to the conditions of Globalization? In order to answer the question above, in the following written piece I must explore the key elements of globalization and identity. I intend to relate both factors to commercial architecture, using the Hilton Tower in Manchester as a prime example. This written piece will effectively be split into two parts (Globalization and Identity).
The first decade of the 21st century has seen globalization and identity emerge as the most critical challenge to society. Globalization has seduced consumer appetites. This has led for those consumer identities to be exposed to global advertising focused on the designer car, the latest clothing or the newest piece of architecture.
Commercial Architecture
Whoever builds a building may do so largely out of personal need and interest, but the building is none the less in the public eye, this is especially true of corporate architecture. A corporate building by definition is ‘a building dedicated to commercial use’ (Seth Godin (2008), page 61).
This explains why for ‘many directors, commercial and industrial architecture are just a necessary shell for their business processes’ (Susanne-Knittel Ammerschuber (2006) pg10). They consider dimensions for example surfaces, floor levels and converted space to be the stand out feature of this corporate architecture. Through doing this, the architectural ethos is overlooked during design. The architectural potential is therefore limited as it tends to overlook the surrounding context; the urban environment, local identity as well as the surrounding landscape design. Instead it...

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