Commentary on Who Invited Them? By Tom Eagan Essay

Commentary on Who Invited Them? By Tom Eagan Essay

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Who Invited Them? By Tom Eagan was written in 1977; the time period for this play can be in any time period. The director wouldn’t need to adjust much to make it suitable in a time period he/she would want it to be in. The setting is really important for this play because the main character is from the south but recently moved back to her small little town from New York after her husband died, and her brother in law called her out of the blue and told her he is moving the family down to the south from New York since they think the south will be a better place since the people are friendlier. The setting makes the whole play come together since she needs to show how much the south isn’t has great and perfect as her brother in law and his family thinks it is.
The protagonist is Sylvia, she’s an attractive woman, a very good liar, and knows how to get what she wants. Sylvia always knows how to get out of the situation she created without any consequences. She’s pretty much like the “b” word but you still learn to like her (well I did). The antagonist is Harry, Sylvia’s brother in law. Harry is this sweet calm man, from Sylvia’s perspective he seemed like this horrible man with a snotty attitude and very selfish but as his character forms into the story you see that he is complete opposite of what your first impression was. Even though Sylvia’s friends gained upon him in one scene he stayed calm and knew that he shouldn’t let them control his emotions. Harry is very forgiving too, after all the lies Sylvia told he still forgave her in the end. You really see how much he cares about people, especially his family.
The supporting characters help tell the story significantly. One that stands out is Claudia; Sylvia’s best friend, she is a ...

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... play and be casted as Sylvia, it would be great to be a main character! It is appropriate for high school, It would be a perfect play for Piedmont since we are located in the south; the audience would really enjoy this! I think it would probably get a large audience since a lot of people, like the adults in this area, they could relate to some of the things in the play.
My ideas for the costumes would be stylish clothes of course! Sylvia would wear a tight dress, not a short one though; a classy mid length dress. It would either be something with cheetah print dress with red heels or a more classy look with a black dress with some cute high heels! Her hair would be down with slick straight style. Claudia would be complete opposite! I was thinking about her in jeans but I don't see her that laid back. She would be wearing something cute/casual; with a pop of color!

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