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I had never intended to read World War Z before this class began. In fact, I did not realize there was a text version in addition to the film version. This collection of personal stories from different aspects of the zombie wars was a mixed bag for me. There were some recollections that pulled on my heartstrings, and others that I could have gone without ever reading. In times of great turmoil, people are shown to be exactly who they are, their true colors shining through all of the masks and deception they have created. The entire world lived in fear during the time period of this novel, and watching their loved ones disappear or become part of the army of the undead had to be terrifying. The author might have chosen this topic because the threat of zombies invading the world is a fear that is as real to some as the war overseas is to others.
It seems that most people only seem to be looking out for themselves, in this world. Very few people practice what they preach when they tell people to follow the golden rule of treating others as you would want to be treated, and if a zombie invasion is looming overhead, even fewer people would be worried about the well-being of others. The interviewer in World War Z, however, gets deep into the minds of survivors and scientists who have exhausted all efforts in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, loss of life, and reanimation. One of my favorite parts in the novel is when Xolelwa Azania is interviewed. He discusses how Paul Redeker could have, single-handedly, ended the zombie wars, but his plan brought about a lot of hatred and ridicule. He speaks almost reverently about this brilliant man, and it is not until the interview is over, and the interviewer is signing out of the fac...

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...ox office had more details been included. Maybe it was my lack of love for Brad Pitt, or the content of the movie, but the details and the imagery in the book were much more vivid to me, causing me to run through the full gamut of emotion, while the movie just left me with a feeling of, “Meh.”
There are some who absolutely love this novel, and others who absolutely hate it. I find myself somewhere in the middle. I am not a fan of zombies, nor am I anti-zombie. They are just another creature simply there in the literary world. I did love the details surrounding many of the stories in the novel, and found the author’s creativity pushing me to me more creative in my own work. It is not my favorite, and I probably would not read it again, although I did appreciate the style of writing after I got used to the format of the interviewer questioning the survivors.

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