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Coming Of Americ The United States Essay

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Coming to America
Coming to America for the first time felt as if I was riding a bike for the first time, difficult. I was forced to face many challenges that would prepare me for the American lifestyle. Although it was like a dream come true I knew it was not going to be easy. In the Dominican Republic many of us dream to come to America. The idea of being able to come to a country and having the ability to live in peace, comfortable and have a job to take care of my family was more then we could imagine. I had the opportunity to move to the city of Worcester located in Massachusetts during the month of January 2001. Upon arrival I instantly felt the harsh cold weather in which I was not prepared for. The skies were full of grey clouds and trees were stripped of their leaves as if they had died and dried out. I felt out of place leaving my home island that was full of beautiful surroundings. The trees were green like a sour apple and sun bright as a lemon but this new grey city was to be called my new home.

I like the idea of leaving in the United States, but I never knew the entire outcome that was coming. My sister brought me to Worcester Massachusetts with the intension of helping her with her kids because she have to work a lot of hour in order to pay for her bills and finding a good babysitter wasn’t easy also it was going to be so much expensive for two kids. They was only two and five years old Jermaine and Justine my nephews which I love them to dead and didn’t have no problem to help my sister taking care her kids since she was a single mother. She divorces her husband when Justin was only few months of born because marriage was broking down. Which I believe it was the best for the kids since he was a verbal abusive g...

... middle of paper ... believed because I was getting so confused and I want it to feel sure of what I was doing I didn’t want to be involve in two religion at the same time. I just forget about the Jehovah Witness and I keep going with the one I was raise on catholic.

Finally I got comfortable and I started to like the leaving of United States even thought I miss my parents so much, I was able to enjoy life again. Every holiday me, my sisters and friends gather together and cook special dinner like Pernil, potatoes salad, rice and beans, together with some drinks like the classic mojito or just wine. Without saying anymore the experience I have gain in the unite state as a resident has being unforgettable. I like to get involve with different culture and learn a little bit of each one. The grey has gone and now is full of opportunity and this why I like to leave in the United States.

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