Coming of Age: We Are Shaped by Our Life Experiences Essays

Coming of Age: We Are Shaped by Our Life Experiences Essays

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Every experience we go through will, in some way or another, help each of us to develop understanding. Coming of age is a life-long journey, but there are major events or experiences you can go through that will play an important part in become an adult. As time goes by, we will all experience trials, blessings, heartache, joy, and love; each of these periods in our lives will have an extraordinary impact upon who we become. These escapades, will enable us to come of age. The importance of coming of age develops from the experiences that create memories, teach life skills, and inspire character.
Create Memories
Moments in our lives, will often leave a memory, some vivid, others vague. A memory recalls an experience we have had; coming of age opportunities usually are those that become memorable. Hannah Goodwin gives advice to, “Make time to create memories” (2013, para. 1). Goodwin continues to explain that, “Making memories does not require tons of money, or need to be elaborate vacations or expensive gifts.” (2013, Para. 1). I strongly agree with Goodwin’s statements. Some of my most memorable experiences came from simple things I did as a child, such as learning to ride a bike, playing board games with my family, and even playing in the snow. It was those simple, yet fun activities that all created life-long memories for me. Not only did these activities create great memories, but each one taught me something that has helped me become who I am today. From learning good sportsmanship while playing games with my family, to learning how to build a snowman, though simple things to learn, I got to learn them while having fun. I think that creating memories is important because as you reflect upon past experiences it becomes eas...

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