Essay on Coming Of Age During The Civil War

Essay on Coming Of Age During The Civil War

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Paper Coming of Age in Mississippi
Colored people had been facing it since the Civil War and it has not slacked off since. During World War one, colored people were not allowed to join the military. In World War two, colored people convinced the government to let them join the military but they were not aloud to fight. They were only assigned non-combative jobs and helping back home. There were still racism during World War ll but it was kept quiet and not so “open” to the public. After World War ll segregation and racism became more publicly and more and more people started being more racist. During the nineteen-fifties and the nineteen-sixties, down in the South was a rough time for colored people. Mostly in Alabama and Mississippi, colored people were facing racial discrimination every where they went. During the fifties and sixties, racism and segregation started to fall in the “everyday normal life” for the white American citizens. People could not go anywhere in the South without racism being involved. White people believed that colored people were inferior to them and not as good. Restaurants were segregated, also schools, restrooms, water fountains and even sidewalks. The white people’s sides of things were way more nice than the colored people’s. The colored people were not very pleased of how the whites were treating them because they believed they should be treated equal. They began protesting, marches, etc. to let the government know how they felt and were treated, This is what started the Civil Rights Movement. According to The Legal Dictionary, the Civil Rights Movement was a struggle by African Americans in the mid-1950s to late 1960s to achieve Civil Rights equal to those of whites, including equal opportunity in ...

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...l speaker but she was very influential with her actions. She started a bus boycott by not refusing to give her seat to a white man. She ended up getting arrested but the bus boycott was successful and lasted three hundred eighty two days. The Southern black activists had the most responsibility for the civil rights movement because their actions got the government to do something about the racism and segregation. People began to protest because they were tired of being treated unfairly even though they were citizens just like the white people. They felt like it was against their constitutional rights since they were segregated which it was true because of the Jim Crow Laws. People can believe that the federal government was most responsible for the civil rights movement but the southern black activists actually are more responsible since their are facts to prove it.

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