Coming Into College - Original Writing Essay

Coming Into College - Original Writing Essay

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Coming into college I was extremely motivated to do the best that I could in everyone of my classes and I was expecting all of my courses to be education major-based, but I was proven wrong. Turns out I was only going to take one course that taught about education and that was this intro to education course. I was so excited to finally take a part of the school system from a different point of view and I thought that the lecture portion was just discussing what we experienced while we were in the field, but boy was I wrong. In reality this course was a lot of work. The lectures contained a lot of information that I didn’t think I would learn about until a couple years into the major and the courses’ homework seemed impossible at the time, of course it got easier throughout the semester, but I still struggle with some of the assignments. “Even though it is early in my first semester I am already overwhelmed with all the information that is thrown at me and the expectations that the professors have”(Roberts, 2015d). Now, within field placement I learned a lot of different strategies and teaching styles, but I know that’s not what you are looking for in this paper. Within the course and the lectures I have changed a concept or at least it is in the process. I’d like to say that my belief or opinion of motivation and goals has totally changed. From a student to the process of a teacher, I have realized a whole different side of motivation and a new set of goals.

From a student’s perspective the term motivation can be totally different than what a teacher’s motives are. Through field placement I learned and have different motives than I once had before. From when I first started school, yes back in kindergarten, it was always ...

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...mething right as a teacher. When I realized that my goals changed in the school system I knew it was the beginning of the change for me. “To me, teaching is more than just the teaching the subject, but helping the students grow as a whole”(Roberts, 2015e). Now that I look back I realize that this was a change from being selfish to selfless. Before my goals and motivation was only for me, but I am now learning that I want to bring motivation to the students, like my teachers once did for me.
While reading some of the articles that Dr. Vrooman assigned to us, one particular one still stands out to me. This specific article is by Freire and he discusses how there are flaws in the education system(Freire). Before, I thought the education system was absolutely fine the way that it was when I was in high school, but throughout field placement my beliefs have changed

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