Essay about Coming From A Multimedia Background

Essay about Coming From A Multimedia Background

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Coming from a Multimedia background, I am incredibly passionate about filming and editing. From an early age, I always loved playing around with cameras, filming as well as editing just anything that I enjoyed watching on TV, or even something filmed by myself. Being so passionate about film and editing have led me to doing my Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours. My goal for this year is to come up with 2 horror short films where I can showcase my skills in both filming and editing, as well as my creative thinking. I was inspired by Blumhouse Productions to come up with my own horror film where I can integrate interactivity within my film.
Filming and editing have been my passion since early days in Secondary College. My passion for filming and editing developed from watching movies, TV shows, sport as well as gaming. After watching a movie or a cinematic cut from a video game, I would always enjoyed the scenes, the cuts and the transitions that would be used. I wished that I could make something like it, be creative and make something that would make people say “wow” after seeing it. One of my main influence was the TV show Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad was released during January 2008, when I was in Year 8. After watching a couple of episodes, I always went back and edited short trailers for each episode, using effects, transitions and some colour grading. Doing this gave me the sensation that I was achieving something original and it gave me the motivation to keep on going.
By the end of year 10, I knew that I loved filming and editing, and it was something that I wanted to do for my future. I focused all my studies for year 11 and 12 on Multimedia. This helped me become more creative and original with my work, which then led me to...

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...lm “Insidious: Chapter 3” was the second highest selling horror film in the market during the year of release. The film made $52,218,558 (Box Office Mojo 2016). Knowing that Blumhouse is a low-budget company, having their film ranked 2nd on the top selling horror films of the year is a huge accomplishment for the company.
Doing research on Blumhouse gave me the opportunity to look at the horror genre from a different perspective. It got me thinking about different ways I can create my film and new approaches to the narrative. Looking at how much success they’ve had with their sales, it’s clear that Blumhouse is headed in the right direction and could possibly keep the horror genre fresh, innovative and most importantly, alive. Blumhouse’s perception of the horror genre gave me the passion to come up with my own short horror film, incorporating new elements within it.

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