The Coming Disaster: The Environment, Climate Change, and Human Influences

The Coming Disaster: The Environment, Climate Change, and Human Influences

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Humans will not be able to survive the results of human activities due to land degradation, lack of water management skills, pollution, and increasing carbon footprints. In 1750, a revolution started globally. This revolution was called the Industrial Revolution; it changed agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation & technology forever. It has even changed lives economically and culturally, but most importantly, the great effects it has on the environment. “A glacier in the high Andes 5,200 meters above capital, Lima, where one of the main water supplying glaciers has shrunk by more than a kilometer over the last decade...Eskimo villagers are going hungry because global warming has changed the migration patterns of seals and walruses, an important part of the Eskimo diet,” (Humanity’s Future. 123-125). Land degradation plays a huge role in why human beings will not be able to remain on Earth forever. The US Global Change Research Program claims that land is one of the tools humans use to sustain life. Humans need land to plant food, and you can’t plant food if the land you are cultivating is no longer nutrient; it has to be arable land. Arable land is land suitable for growing crops. “The loss of arable land has been caused by a number of factors. Many or most of which are tied to human development. The primary causes are deforestation, over exploitation for fuel wood, over grazing, agriculture and industrialization.”(University of Michigan) The loss of land has been caused by a lot of things, mainly human activity; such as, deforestation, over exploitation, over grazing, and etc. Degraded land mainly comes from human development; from chopping down trees, to farming. Human development isn’t the only factor that ruin...

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