Comfort Theory and Its Application to Oncology Nursing Essays

Comfort Theory and Its Application to Oncology Nursing Essays

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Comfort Theory and Its Application to Oncology Nursing
Components of the Theory
Major Concepts
Developed by Katherine Kolcaba, The Comfort Theory uses a holistic approach to patient care. Kolcaba ‘s theory of comfort (2003) is described as the immediate experience of being strengthened as a result of having needs of relief, ease, and transcendence met in the context of physical, pyschospiritual, social, and environmental experiences. The Comfort Theory is a middle range nursing theory developed from the work of earlier nursing theorist including Orlando (1961), Henderson (1966), Paterson & Zderad (1988). The major concepts of Kolcaba’s theory of comfort are as follows: (1) Health Care Needs: health care needs are needs for comfort arising from stressful health care situations that cannot be met by recipients’ traditional support systems. (2) Comfort Interventions: comfort interventions are nursing actions designed to address specific comfort needs of recipient, including physiological, social, cultural, financial, psychological, spiritual, environmental, and physical interventions. (3) Intervening Variables: Intervening variables are interacting forces that influence recipients’ perceptions of total comfort. (4) Comfort: comfort is the state experienced by recipients of comfort interventions. (5) Health-Seeking Behaviors: A broad category of outcomes related to the pursuit of health as defined by recipient (s) in consultation with the nurse Health Seeking Behaviors (HSBs) was synthesized by Schlotfeldt (1975) and proposed to be internal, external, or a peaceful death. (Alligood & Tomey, 2010, p. 709).
It seems that theories make assumptions that seem to be based on philosophical beliefs about environment, heal...

... middle of paper ... undergoing radiation therapy. Oncology Nursing Forum, 26(1), 67-72.
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