Comedy in "The Ugly Truth" Directed by Robert Luketic Essay

Comedy in "The Ugly Truth" Directed by Robert Luketic Essay

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The ugly Truth directed by Robert Luketic was a delightful and entertaining movie. Katherine Hiegl and Gerard Butler are both well known actors who work marvelously together in this movie. There is something in the movie for all men and women, whether they are on his side or rooting for her. The story of the central couple will grab the hearts of all those who watch it. What makes this movie shine specifically is the script of the storyline and the chemistry between the main actors; however, as a romantic, comedy it could have been better.
The plot of the movie is focused on the two main characters Abbie (Katherine Hiegl), and Mike (Gerard Butler). Abbie was a television producer who had a very naïve idea of love, relationships, and “perfect men”. She was very uptight, predictable and lived a routine life. After the ratings for her show began to decline, her boss was forced to hire Mike to bring the ratings up. Mike’s show portrayed the ugly truth about men and women’s relationships. He was very blunt and knowledgeable about how relationships and love really worked. Abbie was disgusted by Mike and what he believed relationships were all about. Because of a bet between them, Mike promises Abbie that he can direct her to find love and make a man want her. Through the course of plotting and helping Abbie get her man, Mike in turn falls in love with Abbie, and they end up together in the cliché way of happily ever after.
The storyline and the script of this movie were hysterical for the crowd of ages seventeen and up. The humor is in both the dialogue between the characters and their actions. For example, there are scenes in this movie where Abbie gets caught doing stupid and embarrassing things. One example of this humor is th...

... middle of paper ...

...the “aww” for its romantic ending scene. It lacked the usual anticipation viewers have when they sit at the edge of their chair to see how the couples come together in the end. The final scene could have been passionate or capturing yet it was more comedy and seemed like a joke.
To conclude, the fast pace of the scenes, the humor of the script and the organization of The Ugly Truth made it a success. Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, the two known actors in the movie took on the roles of their characters flawlessly. They were feisty, funny, and dramatic enough for all the required scenes. The only criticism for this movie is the limited romance it has. The comedy and humor of the movie takes over the feel of the romance in the movie. Nevertheless, I definitely recommend this movie for viewers who are looking to enjoy an engaging movie and have a good laugh.

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