Comedy At Stand Up Comedy Clubs

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At stand up comedy clubs, audiences sit comfortably in their chairs with their drinks as the comedian stands on the stage and wittingly delivers joke after joke. Popular comedians include Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Amy Schumer. Presumably, many members of the audience would laugh and applaud after each joke. However, there are a few people who do not find the content amusing. So what do they laugh at? How do people predetermine what is funny and what is not? Simply, it is their personality and who they are as a person. If it is an eight year-old boy, he will find humor in passing gas; if they are distraught and overworked students, they will find humor in everything and pretend everything is fine. The type of comedy people appreciate constitutes the type of person that they are. Some categories of comedy are: family-friendly,, insult comedy, dark humor, and potty humor. The most benevolent and innocuous category of all is nonetheless, family-friendly comedy. This category is dependent on clean and quick-witted humor to appease its audiences. Ellen Degeneres portrays this category with her quick wit and refusal to use obscene content or profanity. She appeals to audiences who appreciate people who can express themselves without the need to be explicit. This category is also a prime source of comedy for families due to its innocence. However, if family-friendly comedy is the only source of humor that is amusing, the audience is either a child or someone who is sheltered, innocent, and sensitive. Their gravitation towards decency and virtue is a reflection of themselves. They prefer to not go beyond their comfort zone and remain in a place that is amusing but safe. Next, is insult comedy. In this category, anyone can fall victim t... ... middle of paper ... ...eople. Comedy itself has one purpose: to entertain and make the audience laugh. However, it can be presented in various ways, with the audience either responding positively or negatively to the joke. The different types of comedy can be a hit-or-miss depending on the person, and each comedic style appeals to a different aspect of human personality. Therefore, a person’s preferences for humor can determine who they are as an individual. Family-friendly comedy signifies a family member, a child, or someone of innocence. “Potty” humor indicates someone young and immature at heart. Insult humor is designed for those who can find humor at the expense of their personal pride and stigma. Dark humor is reserved for optimists who have the tendency to cross lines. In the end, comedy is simply a means for people to laugh and find peace in the midst of all the disarray in life.

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