Come visit the Brule River and Cherish the Memories! Essay

Come visit the Brule River and Cherish the Memories! Essay

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Famous for so many attributes, from the famous people that have passed through its majestic landscape, to the breadth of ground that it covers, the Brule River is truly one of nature’s greatest gifts. The Brule River, part of the Brule River State Forest is a combination of 44-miles of majestic and serene eco-systems. The state forest is located in Douglas County, Wisconsin and comprises almost 47,000 acres of unaffected and pristine wilderness. The Brule River comes with a rich and varied history. Native Americans, namely the Chippewa Native Americans honored an Indian God by naming this heavenly area Winneboujou. The first settler to journey throughout the river’s length was Daniel Greysolon. The awe-inspiring beauty discovered during his expedition, and the subsequent explorations of others, caused great excitement when the descriptions of the awesome rapids, alluring forest canopies and the plethora of diverse wildlife were reported. The Brule River is a natural phenomenon and is a something that you must experience!

The Brule River and its surrounding areas were once the stomping grounds of Presidents and the rich and well- heeled. In many ways, this heritage persists, with the land along the Brule having been passed down to family members throughout the generations. This has helped to preserve the unspoiled nature of the area and has created a close-knit community. There is a deep, un-abiding appreciation amongst this community for this area and the thought of spoiling it, would be tantamount to destroying one’s own familial history along with it. However, even in the midst of this private, generational legacy, that is the hallmark of the Brule River area, many others have discovered the wonderful and inviting opportuniti...

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...r and subsequent snowfall brings about the enticement of snowmobiling and is an amazing way to appreciate the pristine beauty of the Brule River during winter months.
The Brule River provides the perfect paradise for the outdoorsman or adventure loving family. The area provides a unique combination of landscape, rivers, trails, and ample wildlife. These attributes provide for and invigorating, open-air experience. Numerous outdoor experiences are available to suit a variety of palettes, from the hiking through the serene forest to canoeing through the thrilling rapids of the Brule River. The ideal way to appreciate all that the Brule River has to offer is to rent a cabin and stay for several days. Bring your entire family for a reunion, or just bring yourself for restful retreat. Either way, the Brule River offers sanctuary from the every-day pressures of life.

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