Essay on Come Home : The Trip Of Bountiful

Essay on Come Home : The Trip Of Bountiful

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Come Home: The Trip to Bountiful

Mrs. Carrie Watts, the main character in the movie, personifies the three common dilemmas of old age, e.g., “Where will I live? How will I cope by myself? And, What should I do about money” (Solie, 2004, pp. 91, 95, & 99). Having lived most of her life in the wide and open field of the town of Bountiful, Mrs. Watts cherished the thought of coming home to Bountiful. There had been several attempts in the past, that were all foiled by her over-protective son and overbearing daughter-in-law. Time and time again, she would express to her son, her desire to go back to Bountiful. The son, for the practical reason of employment opportunity, always decided against the idea of going back to Bountiful. It was a toss between the miserable life in the city and the wonderful life in Bountiful. Thus, Mrs. Watts would spend her life pining and reminiscing her life lived in Bountiful.
When Mrs. Watts finally made a successful getaway to Bountiful, she got the news that the friend she planned to stay with, had died. On hearing the news, Thelma, the younger woman asked, “What are you going to do?” Thus, the dilemma of how she will cope all by herself was brought out into the open. Mrs. Watts was left to ponder, was it time to give up her wish to go back home to Bountiful?
The final dilemma of Mrs. Watts was what to do with her pension check. Should she hand it over to her son and daughter-in-law, or use it as a means to go back to Bountiful? The dilemma surrounding money was represented by the various ways she tried to hide the check and the reference to the need to change it for cash. On the matters about money, Sollie (2004) aptly cited,

The focus on the subject (money) leave them wondering if we’re more...

... middle of paper ...

...bering her past life and held a candle to the time when she would go back to Bountiful.
Is There Evidence That There Were Personality Changes Associated With Age?
“I hate it when I cannot remember!” were words spoken by Mrs. Watts when her recollection of her past life would come in bits and pieces. However, this was mostly true with remembering recent events, than the events of her life in Bountiful. As the most common manifestation of cognitive decline (Touhy & Jett, 2016), Mrs. Watts’ forgetfulness provoked agitation and frustration that further compromised her decisions and interaction with her family.
Everyone adjust to aging differently, chances are that whatever the positive and negative character or attribute of the persons were when they were young, will be intensified as they grow older, e.g., positive-oriented individual or a mean and grumpy old man!

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