Essay on Come and See, directed by Elem Klimov

Essay on Come and See, directed by Elem Klimov

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Those that engage in the activity of war can be noted as mad and insane, but some individuals may also be considered brave souls, and that all depends on the select few that dare to go through with the entire process of being involved in such a feat. The forces in the war who only murder to get a rise out of and who continually toy with the on-lookers can be portrayed as mad and insane, while those who decide to join the noble partisans, despite perhaps even being drafted, to play their part in war were considered to be brave young soldiers. This was exactly the case in Russian director Elem Klimov’s 1985 film Come and See. The main character, Florian, a boy of fourteen years, is dragged into a war by the force of the Belorussian partisans, so that he could play his part in the war between Belorussia and Nazi Germany.
These brave young Belorussian soldiers that set out to war against their opposing German forces may not be portrayed accurately by this unforgettable cinematic masterpiece for a more contemporary time period, as, say, the solders that are currently settled in and fighting with the regions of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the portrayal can be said to be accurate for how the soldiers and their opposing forces behaved within the film, and acted their roles well. Near the middle of the film there is a scene where a crowd of villagers are put inside of a barn in a village, revealing to the audience that the Nazi German officials are in total control of the situation and whatever will occur next, because they are directing the villagers their exact orders, “We have opened this

window to aid you in your escape. Women or couples with children must, however, under all circumstances, leave their children behind” (Come and...

... middle of paper ..., and in several lines an image of a dead soul is somehow depicted. “He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning” (Owen, Line 16). That signifies that no matter how someone dies for their country, or is dying for their country, that they think they are doing the right thing by giving up their own life because they think that giving up their own life for the sake of others is the right thing to do.

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