Essay on Combining My Interests in Energy Dependence and Management

Essay on Combining My Interests in Energy Dependence and Management

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From growing up in Singapore, the “Clean and Green” city, to living in “Oil Country” Texas, and making frequent trips to India I have been exposed to a wide spectrum of energy dependence. On one such visit to an Ashram in India, I was amazed by the effective use of solar panels and internal water recycling plants to support a small, ascetic community, tucked away in a city that lost electricity for a few hours every day. This experience inspired me to examine the potential for large-scale applications of similar clean technologies to mitigate challenges such as high energy prices, volatile foreign oil sources, and food shortages in the developed world. In this global economy, I am now determined to create systematic efficiencies across the energy industry and increase the availability of low-cost and clean energy options to end consumers.

Immediately following my MBA, I plan to continue developing advanced management expertise and domain knowledge of the energy industry through a Strategic Management role. In this position, I will manage multi-faceted teams to implement sound business strategies in global energy markets while sharpening my core competencies in finance, strategy, and sustainability. Building upon my current endeavors with child literacy, I will also continue to help underprivileged children in India by constructing “green” schools with 24/7 utility services, which will increase accessibility and regular attendance.

In the long run, I want to spearhead an alternative energy practice within an integrated company. My team will analyze the clean energy landscape to identify disruptive technologies, develop value-generating business models, and collaborate with start-ups and venture capitalists to market these al...

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...those regions. I will then apply this knowledge when partnering or negotiating with international organizations throughout my career.

Above all, the concentrated focus on leadership and social enterprise at Wharton through “Leadership Ventures” and the “Social Enterprise Fellows Program” will allow me to evolve as an effective communicator, an innovative manager, and a compassionate leader. I will utilize these leadership skills to drive my future initiatives with a holistic lens and a sense of social responsibility. In turn, my diverse background and avid interest in the emerging cleantech market will add another international dimension to the Wharton community while contributing to its enthusiasm for clean energy management. I believe that the Wharton MBA experience will provide me the optimal platform to achieve my goal of giving back to the global community.

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