Combining Military Leadership With Civilian Management Work Ethics Essay

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Why do military trained personnel feel they have better work ethic than their civilian counterparts and vice versa? Peter D. Feaver (2001) fellow researcher of the international security program noted a statement by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen declared that a "chasm" is opening between the military and civilian worlds. Even though civilians have good work ethics, military personnel have the equally valuable yet different work ethics because of the training they received. A study, conducted by researchers at Princeton University, “found that while senior officials [of] the military services received higher evaluations from employees than their [civilian]non-service counterparts in the areas of leadership and work climate, they did not score as well on management “(Ballenstedt, 2007). The combination of the attributes of both military and civilian workforces would create the ultimate principled work ethic warrior. Even though civilians claim to work harder on being legally and morally ethical; both the military and civilian work forces’ ethics combined would contribute to a better work ethics. The combination between leadership and management would lessen the amount of business failure in the ethical legal battles of today’s social and personnel industry within global enterprise. The combining of leadership skills from the military and the knowledge in corporate social responsibility of the civilian sector is most beneficial to today work forces. Together military style leadership and civilian style management can make for better work ethics: though military and civilian personnel receive training differently, there a difference between leading and a managing techniques, and the fact that they are more similarities as ...

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