Combining Management and Leadership to Maximize Employee Productivity Essay

Combining Management and Leadership to Maximize Employee Productivity Essay

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In this competitive market, companies are always trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors. To achieve a competitive advantage, companies must maximize employee productivity by creating a motivating culture that pushes employees to go above and beyond in all aspects of their work. This motivational culture will not only focus on the work employees are doing, but the level of effort they put into that work.
The effort put into work is first established by the roots of an organization, its culture. A culture of disciplined people, thought, and action will bring prosperity. Successful managers are tough, yet fair, on those around them, which trickles down the company pyramid and raises the bar for all.
Raising the bar means settling for nothing less than excellence, or perfection is some cases. Steve Job’s is said to have a “passion for perfection.” He was tough, impatient, and petulant, but was a visionary that inspired his workforce. By reducing their offered products to personal and professional laptop and desktop computers, Job’s was able to simplify the organi...

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