Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change

Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change

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Combating the Global Issue of Illicit Drugs: South Asian Nations Call For a Change
Introduction to the problem of Drugs in South East Asia
With the advent of decriminalization of drugs by Portugal, the issue of illegal drug trafficking
has been the most debated subject worldwide, experiencing mankind’s sincere attention on a
higher level. It was Portugal that stepped forward to denounce the directions of United Nations
and, further laid down fresh national drug policies which included decriminalizing every variety
of drugs falling under its territory in the year 2001. Seeing the global war on drug fail, nations
facing diversity of drug related problems, have been exploring and started implementing those
policies that they find most suitable in order to cast off the consequences of illicit drug
trafficking though their respective territories. These policies do not strictly adhere to the
prohibition- oriented approach though. For the purpose of combating the illicit production and
trafficking of drugs, most important and much- needed change that now seems the sole option
available for South East Asian nations to adopt is to review the drug policies by decriminalizing
the possession and utility of drugs in their respective nations. UNODC has a duty to the dwellers
of South East Asian nations, and therefore it needs to provide every kind of assistance required
by the South East Asian focused to getting rid of the bane of illicit drug production and
trafficking in the region. The time is now.
The Shift in the Approaches from prohibition- oriented towards human welfare- oriented:
How far it is sought after?
Undoubtedly, the drug trade has grown to a level of intense threat not only to the lives of human
being but als...

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