Combating Human Trafficking Should Go Towards The Recovery Of The Victims

Combating Human Trafficking Should Go Towards The Recovery Of The Victims

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A large portion of the funding dedicated to combating human trafficking should go towards the recovery of the victims. According to the Dream Center, an organization dedicated to helping the victims of human trafficking with over 100 centers worldwide, the four phases of recovery include rescuing, rebuilding, restoring, and pre-transition. So these four phases include getting the victim away from their trafficker with help from local law enforcement, establishing a relationship based on trust with the victim, helping the victim get the appropriate papers needed, such as an ID or passport, providing therapy and medical help in response to trauma, and placing the victim in a safe transition house, where they can begin to their return to society in preparation for attending college or getting a job. As you can see, the recovery phase covers so many diverse areas that are necessary to the wellbeing of the victims of human trafficking and is worthy of funding in order for these people to get back on their feet so that they can live safe, happy, and productive lives. The funding can come from donations to the organizations that sponsor the recovery or from government grants, but overall this money needs to be going to help the victims of trafficking recover and feel safe again.
According to a study conducted by the Polaris Project in 2012, there are only 1644 beds made available by transition houses to human trafficking survivors in the United States. Merikay Jost, a human trafficking awareness advocate, stated in a 2015 presentation that "there are over 3,000 animal shelters in the United States but less than 300 beds for sex trafficking victims that are children". When you compare these previously referenced numbers of beds to the ...

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...s, form and state their own opinions, pursue a life of their own choosing away from trafficking without the threat of violence from their owner or pimp, and to unite with others in a transition house or other safe place in order to build a foundation for a new life away from their captors. The support of the recovery of victims helps to prevent more human trafficking from occurring by ending the cycle of a person 's victimization and providing a network of information to local law enforcement to find more traffickers. There are more victims of trafficking than we currently have the funds to support, and we must work together to help in order to create a better society for all people. We must focus more funding on the recovery of these victims to help them overcome the trauma of human trafficking and to help them readjust to society where they will be able to prosper.

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