Combating Discrimination Against Women During The Workplace Essay

Combating Discrimination Against Women During The Workplace Essay

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Combating Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace
Discrimination against women in the workplace is an unfortunate reality even in this day and age. It has a significant negative impact not only economically but also on women 's confidence, sense of self worth, and can also cause them to lose motivation and morale which is required to perform their jobs. Although there are a number of laws in place to protect women in the workplace in the United States, such as the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act, discrimination still occurs. It can take many forms such as sexual harassment, age discrimination and gender discrimination.
Discrimination often may be unintentional, however companies and organizations must take steps to combat it in the workplace. Businesses need to create clear and concise policies that follow state and federal laws and they need to make sure that their employees know and understand these laws. They need to ensure that cases of discrimination are reported immediately and addressed thoroughly, and in doing so that those policies and laws are enforced. They must also make sure that equal opportunities for employment, advancement, and pay are offered to women.
Discrimination may occur unintentionally simply because of ignorance of the laws that have been put in to place protecting women in the workplace. Proper education of employees and management teams can help combat this. George N. Root III of Demand Media, author of How do I Prevent Discrimination in the Workplace, as published in the Houston Chronicle Small Business section (Root, n.d.) makes several suggestions on how businesses can take steps to combat and avoid discrimination in the workplace. He suggests working with a business attorney who...

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...vancing and take steps to remedy. More care should be given to the time frames in which networking opportunities are arranged taking women with childcare responsibilities in to consideration. And businesses should use selection and / or hiring panels that are diverse in gender to aid in removing gender biases.
Discrimination in the workplace against women has significantly improved over the last two decades, however eradicating it still has a long way to go. Employers must be willing to do what is necessary to educate their managers and employees about discrimination, enforce the laws that are in place, and take action against those who commit discrimination and actively take steps to make sure women are included in training, networking and advancement opportunities. Until such actions are taken discrimination against women in the workplace will continue.

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